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Vasco launches FlatLine collection

Vasco Flatline white fine texture(website)

Four years after launching the Vasco FlatLine, one of the company’s best-selling panel radiators, Vasco is now taking a step further in this success story with the introduction of the FlatLine Collection. In addition to the well-known FlatLine (horizontal), this collection now includes the new vertical Flat-V-Line and the new Flat-Plinth-Line. Both new radiators offer unique benefits. They are extremely versatile thanks to the many connection options,  have a solid finish using the well-known S600 structural varnish and are fitted with towel rails for bathrooms or kitchens.

The versatile: Vasco FlatLine (horizontal)
The FlatLine has a universal connection thanks to 8 connection points. The unique central connection also means that the radiator can be placed extremely accurately. As the flat front plate is in direct contact with the water channels in the radiator the heat is released immediately, giving an excellent return. The water-filled front plate also allows this horizontal version to operate on low temperatures.

The FlatLine is available in 3 depths: 69 mm, 102 mm and 163 mm depending on the desired heat release. The lockable console makes it easy and safe to install. The FlatLine is also supplied with an integrated valve.

Dimensions: width from 400 to 3000 mm and height from 300 to 900 mm

The powerhouse: Vasco Flat-V-Line (vertical)
The vertical panel radiator with its flat front plate exudes the same blend of simplicity, efficiency and beauty, and provides enormous levels of heat release up to 3251 watt. The 6 connection points and the unique fixed central connection allow it to be connected to the base of the 2 x ¾” (euroconus) central connection below or the 18 – connection 2 x ½”. The upper connections are for placing the air vent.

Dimensions: width from 400 to 800 mm and height from 1600 to 2200 mm

The discrete: Vasco Flat-Plinth-Line (plinth)
Perfect for limited spaces beneath windows, and suited to both wall and floor mounting,  the Vasco Flat-Plinth-Line is the horizontal plinth-panel radiator with a flat front panel, side panels and designer line grill. With 8 connection points this variant can be connected universally, regardless of the type and length.

Dimensions: width from 1000 to 3000 mm and height 200 mm

The entire FlatLine Collection is available in S600, a fine white structural varnish.

Vasco offers an extensive range of chrome accessories to suit each radiator in the FlatLine collection. There are towel rails suitable for both bathrooms and kitchens, for added convenience. Other accessories are chrome supports and designer thermostat heads in a white or chrome finish.

About Vasco –

Vasco offers an extensive range of heating and ventilation solutions throughout the world, and particularly in Europe. Vasco is the absolute reference in decorative design radiators in the Benelux and surrounding countries. Its high quality panel radiator brands are Superia in Belgium and Brugman in Germany, France and the Netherlands. Vasco floor heating is only available in Belgium. Vasco also supplies energy efficient and extremely quiet ventilation systems. Vasco’s head office is located in Dilsen, Belgium. The manufacturing plants are found in Tubbergen (the Netherlands), Zedelgem (Belgium), Dilsen (Belgium) and Legnica (Poland). The Vasco Group employs around 640 staff and belongs to the Vaessen Industries group.

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