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On The Level – Custom Made Wet Room Solutions for Voyage Care

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Custom Made Wet Room Flooring Solutions for Voyage Care

On The Level first started supplying Voyage Care around five years ago when, having experienced problems with slow water drainage in some showers, the company asked On The Level to design a solution to stop water flowing into other areas of the bathroom.

On The Level is an expert in the design and manufacture of custom-made shower formers which exceed normal stock shapes and sizes. The custom-made formers created for Voyage Care projects to solve the excess water problem, cover the entire bathroom. These “complete wet floors” were designed and precision engineered with a gradient running across the entire area towards the gully outlet, solving the problem of water escaping from the shower areas. The complete wet floor was then covered with an anti-slip vinyl sheet floor.

Voyage Care

James Clark, Managing Director at On The Level says, “Working with Voyage Care is always an absolute pleasure. We suggested the idea of designing a complete wet floor for their bathrooms because quite often, when a user is showering who needs assistance, water can splash outside the showering zone resulting in water flowing everywhere. By having a gradient over the entire bathroom floor the possibility that water will run in the opposite direction to where it should be going – the drain – is drastically reduced. We have worked with Voyage care on a number projects and we look forward to working with them in the future”

Voyage Care is a UK wide company providing healthcare, social care and support to a range of people of all ages with disabilities and associated problems in their homes or in a care home environment. Currently operating around 400 properties, all Voyage Care’s development schemes are managed and designed in-house, working with carefully chosen partners like On The Level.

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OTL – April 16 press release Voyage Care


On The Level – Z Hotels Group Installs New Concept Wet Floors

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The Z Hotels Group offers its customers city-chic luxury in the form of well appointed compact rooms with en suite wet rooms at affordable prices. All hotels are in prime locations in London, Glasgow and Liverpool – perfect for a short break to see the sights in three of the nation’s favourite cities.

Over recent years the Z Hotels Group has been growing and expanding, regularly opening new compact hotels in areas such as Soho, Victoria and Shoreditch, with a City hotel and a Gloucester Place hotel opening soon. All offer the customer the renowned Z Hotel comfort with high quality contemporary bathroom facilities packed into a compact space.

One of the most important areas of any hotel room is the bathroom, but designing the ultimate shower area for the irregularly shaped compact bathrooms in the Z Hotels was not going to be easy. However, it was just the sort of challenge that the experts at On The Level like to tackle and, putting their design ingenuity and experience to the test, they came up with an exciting solution.

The answer was a completely new concept in wet floor design, the first of its type for On The Level. The unique custom made formers were developed in collaboration with Z Hotels to suit their specific requirements, namely a simple, cost effective level access shower solution which would be adaptable for all Z Hotel commercial projects.

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The wet floors were delivered to site pre-covered with vinyl sheet flooring, resulting in:

– an easy installation process
– decreased labour time on site
– financial savings due to the modular nature of the design and quick installation
– guaranteed high levels of quality control (the vinyl covering was applied in the factory)
– an exceptionally short turn-around from start to finish

The wet floors were designed to have an increased gradient to drain water quickly to prevent water back-up. Also, the position of the outlet could be moved for a quick fit into the floor avoiding collision with any under floor obstructions thus saving the installer from having to move existing pipe work, joists, etc.

On The Level are continuing to work with the Z Hotel Group on new hotel developments; watch this space.

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On the Level – Designing The Right Wet Floor For Your Project

Over the last 30 years, On The Level has built a solid reputation for the design and manufacture of wet room formers and for solving problems arising from challenging wet room projects. The experts at On The Level like nothing more than thinking around a problem, working out how to solve it, designing a product, testing it, manufacturing it and delivering the ideal solution to their customers.

The project could be in a new build, a pod system or a refurbishment but whatever the project a solution can usually be found.

Maybe a modular wet floor pre-fabricated in the factory and delivered as a ready-tanked watertight product would be the answer, especially if you want to save labour time on site. A custom built complete flooring system; formers in unusual shapes with more than one waste outlet, or wet floors for epoxy resin are more examples of specialist solutions.

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Whatever the challenge, On The Level will design and manufacture a robust product, designed and made in their factory in Bedfordshire to your exact requirements, backed by 30 years of experience and a 30 year guarantee.

If you have a wet room project that is testing your patience, call On The Level for level-headed expert advice 0845 257 9651.

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OTL – May 15 press release The Right Wet Floor for Your Project