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Tried and tested over 7 million times: The Hansgrohe iBox universal celebrates its 15th anniversary

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Tried and tested over 7 million times: The Hansgrohe iBox universal celebrates its 15th anniversary

Concealed renovations made easy: A 15-year success story

Concealed installation made easy, fast, reliable and versatile: this year the Hansgrohe iBox universal is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary. A true all-rounder, it facilitates the concealed installation of more than 200 pre-fab mixer sets and shower systems from Hansgrohe’s wide range of products. This is an advantage for new construction projects, but it also makes renovating incredibly easy. The clever basic unit is a huge help when bathrooms have to be updated to meet the needs of young and old as we move through different stages of life. Existing bathrooms already equipped with an iBox universal unit can be modernised neatly and easily.

Fifteen years of installation freedom

Heating and plumbing professionals were able reap the benefits of the many advantages the iBox universal had to offer following its launch at the bathroom trade fair ISH in 2001. “The idea was simple and practical: an installation unit built into the wall, allowing plumbers to connect any type of fixture without the need for major construction work each time,” remembers Alois Schönweger, inventor of the iBox universal and Head of the Technical Service Center at Hansgrohe. The Hansgrohe iBox universal is ideally suited to meet every-day professional bathroom installation requirements. Designed for use with all common installation systems, connection types and fittings, the rotationally symmetric box can be built into the wall, installed on or in front of the wall, mounted on a support system, on pre-fabricated housing panels or onto a mounting rail set. The patented, flexible adjustment ring makes it possible to adjust the depth of the unit to fit walls of varying thickness. In addition, the Hansgrohe iBox universal is absolutely watertight and soundproof. A variety of accessories are available for problematic installation conditions, for example, where the installation depth of the unit is too deep or not deep enough, or when cold and hot water connections have been inverted.

Discover the possibilities

In keeping with the “One fits all” motto, a variety of pre-fab sets and applications are available for use with the iBox universal. Thanks to the modular principle, professional plumbers today are able to use the same base unit for more than 200 Axor and Hansgrohe fittings. In addition to thermostats, and shower and bathtub mixers, the practical multi-functional box is also the basic installation component for the multi-spray overhead showers of the Hansgrohe shower collection. “Sixteen functional fixtures and fittings can now be connected to the iBox base unit,” explains Alois Schönweger.

Greater planning security for plumbing professionals

Planning security is another great advantage: mixers, thermostats and shower systems can be connected to the base unit once construction work has been completed, so plumbing professionals can give their customers time until the very last minute to choose from a wide range of designs and functions. This is because the base unit and the fixtures can be bought and installed independently of each other. Yet another advantage is that pre-fab sets are not delivered until needed for installation so the risk of theft or damage during the construction phase is eliminated, as is costly storage.

In the photographs below, bathroom specialist Hansgrohe shows how easy it is to renovate a 15-year old shower area. Customers welcome the quick and clean modernisation of their bathrooms, and are particularly delighted with the innovative and convenient functions, which – thanks to Hansgrohe Select technology – operate on a purely mechanical basis.

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Hansgrohe’s Great Value Showering Crometta Range


Great-Value Showering with Crometta

The latest Crometta range from Hansgrohe comprises overhead and hand showers, shower sets and showerpipe. Jan Heisterhagen, Head of Product Management explains, “In collaboration with our partner Phoenix Design, we have created a range of products in the entry-level segment that combines water efficiency, sustainable technologies and premium design at an attractive price.”

The Crometta hand shower offers an enjoyable showering experience and a choice of up to two spray modes: a soft rain shower and the powerful IntenseRain mode. The appeal of this hand shower lies in its 10cm head, ergonomic handle, chrome finish and white shower face. All Crometta showerheads are available in a water-saving EcoSmart version which limits water flow to nine litres per minute, and in the case of the new Crometta Green hand shower, to six litres per minute.

A wide range for a variety of showering styles

With its large 24 x 24cm square showerhead for an enhanced shower experience, Hansgrohe’s new Crometta E 240 overhead shower stands out with its sleek, high-end design, its gleaming chrome-plated finish, and in the case of the EcoSmart version, an impressive shower performance of nine litres per minute. Its rain shower mode pampers users and caresses the skin like a warm summer rain. A round version (S) of the overhead shower is also available with a diameter of 24cm.


Hansgrohe’s Crometta S or E 240 showerpipe is a complete set that combines all components in a single system for greater convenience and more pleasurable showering. It consists of a round or square overhead showerhead, a Crometta Vario hand shower with a shower hose, an adjustable shower bar, and Hansgrohe’s Ecostat 1001 CL thermostat. The control unit is ergonomically designed and has a convenient metal lever. Its EcoStop function limits water flow to ten litres per minute – for sustainable shower pleasure.


Certified Showering

Certification is becoming increasingly important for projects of all size. BREEAM and the Code for Sustainable Homes aim to encourage more efficient use of water and energy; and WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) also has a compliance scheme that is a legal requirement in the UK for all commercial buildings.

Hansgrohe’s new Crometta range of showerheads ensures peace of mind as it is has WRAS Product Approval which is the best way to demonstrate compliance. The EcoSmart models have special spray nozzles and a flow limitation system that reduce water flow to nine or even six litres per minute, depending on the model; this means that less energy is needed to heat water.


Sarah Evans, UK Head of Channel Marketing – Trade, comments, “Crometta showers tick all the boxes for anyone seeking the quality performance and timeless design that Hansgrohe is renowned for, but with a price tag that is much lower than you would expect. If you add to this the cost savings that can be made from saving water and energy with the EcoSmart models, Crometta really does deliver unbeatable value.“

Within the international Hansgrohe Group, Hansgrohe is the premium brand for bathroom and kitchen fixtures, showers and shower systems as well as thermostat and plumbing technology. Winners of numerous awards throughout the world, the brand’s products stand for modern technologies, innovative design and a superlative level of functional quality. This explains the success of the brand as a market leader in the shower segment and as one of the leading manufacturers of fixtures. With inventions such as the shower bar, adjustable spray types, the QuickClean function, the AirPower or the EcoSmart technology as well as the convenient Select technology, Hansgrohe is regarded as one of the leading innovators in the international sanitation industry.

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Hansgrohe_June16_Press Release (Crometta_Retail)




Axor WaterDream 2016 by Hansgrohe

Axor_WaterDream_2016_Zen by GamFratesi_featureimage

Axor WaterDream 2016 with David Adjaye, Werner Aisslinger, FRONT,GamFratesi and Jean-Marie Massaud

Axor Extends Invitation to Architects and Designers to “Create your own Spout” with Alternative Materials and Forms

Building on the technological capabilities of the Axor U-Base, Axor ( envisioned a new dimension of individualization: washbasin spouts crafted from alternative materials with total freedom of form for seamless integration in the interior design or for creating a personal statement. Within this creative brief, Axor invited world-renowned design partners to present their visions for the meaning of water within the living spaces of tomorrow. Together with Axor, David Adjaye, Werner Aisslinger, FRONT, GamFratesi and Jean-Marie Massaud designed unique spouts that through their materiality, form and function, give a new emotionality and value to the tap itself and the water passing through it. Axor first presented these five original pieces during FuoriSalone in Milan in April and they were the Axor star attraction at The Water Studio in Clerkenwell during Clerkenwell Design Week.

“With the Axor WaterDream 2016 we discussed the meaning and value of water in our living space with some of the world’s best architects and designers, while testing the limits of individualization“, Philippe Grohe, Vice President of Design Management at Hansgrohe SE, summarizes. Developed with strong creative liberty, these five crafted and fully functional pieces are now on display for a design-savvy audience in London”, Philippe Grohe concludes.

A New Freedom in Design and Materiality with the Axor U-Base

The Axor U-Base is a universal fixture base that allows a simple and seamless connection to its counterpart – the spout: from standardized (e.g. Axor Starck V) to bespoke, exchanging or upgrading spouts is possible without sanitary installation. In addition, the Axor U-Base offers the security, longevity, and perfect water control of an Axor product. Serving as the starting point for this year’s Axor WaterDream design partners, it “supported the expansion of our creative horizons beyond purely industrial toward more individualized manufacturing“, Jean-Marie Massaud, long-time Axor design partner, explains. And Philippe Grohe goes on to comment: „This dedication to our vision is a testament to our belief in the combination of industrially perfected technology and individually crafted pieces to achieve an evolved creative liberty in the interior design of tomorrow.“

Five Spouts – One Approach: Alternative Materials and Forms as Individualizing Agents for Taps

Despite their very different views on the meaning of water within the interior space, each architect and designer experimented with alternative materials and forms to celebrate water and its path on a functional, and on an emotional level.

Axor_WaterDream_2016_Ritual_David Adjaye_web

In British architect David Adjaye’s concept Ritual, water appears from under a granite inlay that is cradled by a wedge-shaped, precious metal (bronze) spout. The water, always in view, is ritualized: from source, to flow, and finally, to descent.

Axor_WaterDream_2016_The Sea and the Shore_by Werner Aisslinger_web

German designer Werner Aisslinger’s conceptual spout, The Sea and the Shore, is a hybrid consisting of a fountain and a shelf – a space for rituality and functionality. Crafted from the ancient and historical material clay, it emphasizes the longevity and the value of water and water-releasing objects in our societies.

Axor_WaterDream_2016_Water Steps by Front_web

Water flows from platform to platform in Water Steps, a sculptural metal spout by the Swedish duo FRONT. Focusing on the playful exchange between form and water, it aesthetically and acoustically underlines the emotional potential of the natural element as it flows over PVD-finished, metallic surfaces.

Axor_WaterDream_2016_Zen by GamFratesi_web

Zen, designed by the Danish-Italian duo GamFratesi, reinterprets the classic Japanese wood fountain. With its minimalistic form and water flow, it achieves a tranquil and meditative spirit, which depicts the honest connection between nature and water.

Axor_WaterDream_2016_Mimicry by Jean-Marie Massaud_web

Jean-Marie Massaud’s Mimicry suggests a water-releasing object in complete harmony with the architectural landscape. Material (marble) and form (simple, geometric shapes) suggest an inherent connection to water and achieve an emotional enhancement of both object and resource.

Whether it is by integration or by making an obvious statement, all five crafted spouts address the evolving desire for individuality, emotionality and sensory experiences in living spaces where water interacts with us.

Hansgrohe_Jun16_Press Release (Axor WaterDream 2016)


Eight iF DESIGN AWARDS For Axor and Hansgrohe products

Hansgrohe_iF Ranking 2016_Logo_web

A shower of awards for the bathroom and kitchen specialist from the Black Forest

Given the highest recognition for outstanding design achievements, eight products made by Hansgrohe SE have been honoured with the iF Award 2016. The mixer and shower manufacturer from the Black Forest currently holds eleventh place in the iF company ranking list, taking the lead over its competition in the sanitation industry. Hansgrohe SE outperformed some 2,000 companies, beating even top brands such as Daimler, Volkswagen and Adidas.

An international jury of 58 experts assessed more than 5,000 entries from 53 countries in categories such as quality of design, workmanship, degree of innovation, environmental compatibility and functionality. The coveted iF DESIGN AWARD was granted to 1,821 products.

“We’re very pleased about having again received a shower of iF DESIGN awards. This recognition clearly confirms our design philosophy of always combining the aesthetic design of a product with quality and ease of use to offer our customers a high level of benefit,” says Philippe Grohe, Vice President of Design Management at Hansgrohe SE.

Number one in overall ratings

For over 60 years, the iF DESIGN AWARD has been recognised internationally as a symbol of outstanding design. Hansgrohe SE currently ranks eleventh in the iF ranking, making it the top manufacturer in the sanitation industry. Hansgrohe SE joins Samsung, BMW, Apple and AUDI as one of the world’s best design brands. “We decided to consistently pursue a steady course of functional quality and good design before anyone else in our industry, and began collaborating with some of the world’s best designers, such as Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio, Jean-Marie Massaud, Patricia Urquiola and Phoenix Design,” explains Philippe Grohe. “Today we are trendsetters in bathroom and kitchen design, a fact also reflected by our iF ranking.”

Axor_One_shower detail black chrome

Eight awards for innovative products

Together, the two Hansgrohe SE brands received a total of eight awards from the International Forum Design (iF). The award-winning Axor products are its new all-in-one Axor One shower control unit, the Axor ShowerSelect thermostats, and the Axor Citterio Select kitchen mixer. The premium brand Hansgrohe impressed the jury with its Talis E washbasin mixer, its range of Croma Select overhead showers, the Crometta S 240 showerpipe, the Crometta E 240 overhead shower and the Crometta hand shower. Hansgrohe will present a selection of these winning products at its booth at the SHK ESSEN trade fair from 9 to 12 March 2016.

Axor_Shower Select_Square_3 Functions_Black Background_web Axor_Shower Select_Soft Edge_2 Functions_Black Background_web Axor_Shower Select_Round_3 Functions_Black Background_web



From 1st March, bathroom specialist, Hansgrohe, hits the road with its super smart new showroom on four wheels.

Designed to bring bathroom inspiration and training to your door, the van is fitted out with the latest showers, showerpipes, controls and mixer taps in a wide range of styles and finishes.


There’s an onboard working water unit and screen for video presentations – everything you need to pick up valuable product information and tips on how to sell Hansgrohe and Axor more successfully.

The only thing missing is a great name. It’s more than a van. It’s a mobile showroom, a training centre and it’s for you – so we’d love you to christen it.


 Tweet @hvpmag using #hansgrohevan with your suggested name or email by 31st March to enter.

The winning name will receive a top prize of theatre tickets and overnight stay in a luxury hotel in London for two people.



A luxurious wellness experience with Axor Montreux bathroom fittings


The World is a Grand Village
Anyone seeking rest, the soothing sound of the surf and comfortable surroundings need not fly to the Seychelles. A five-star hideaway caters to wellness aficionados on Schleswig Holstein’s Baltic coast. The Weissenhaus Grand Village Resort & Spa, one of Europe’s most beautiful beach hotels, is located only about 100 kilometres northeast of Hamburg. The bathrooms of this exclusive retreat are equipped with fittings from the Axor Montreux collection made by the Hansgrohe SE design brand Axor. The playful elegance of the mixers and showers and their classic design fit seamlessly into the historical ambience of Schloss Weissenhaus.


An oasis in Holstein Switzerland
Lush green meadows, the gentle swell of the Baltic Sea and an imposing white manor house – the setting visitors discover when approaching the 75-hectare estate is reminiscent of a painting by Max Liebermann. ‘Grand Village’ in the hotel’s name is not just a whimsical choice of words; the resort consists of some thirty elaborately restored buildings that used to be part of a former country estate and now extend like a rambling village all the way to Hochwacht Bay and its endless stretch of sandy beach. Count Platen of Hallermund owned Schloss Weissenhaus and the surrounding properties from the early 18th century on. The 17th century manor, completely rebuilt in the neo-baroque style after a fire in 1895, is at the heart of the property. The noble family continued to live in the manor until 1993. Then it became a restaurant and in 2007 the estate was put up for sale ‒ an opportunity for Jan Henric Buettner, an entrepreneur from Hamburg, to realise his dream of a luxurious hotel village in the holiday region of his childhood.


Every building exudes history
The Courtier, the Michelin-star restaurant in the main house, offers an irresistible culinary experience. Afternoon tea is served in the Spiegelsaal [hall of mirrors] and in the evening guests can enjoy a Manhattan Perfect at the 1896 bar. The hotel also boasts a cinema, a billiard room and a library. An underground tunnel takes guests to the hotel’s 1,500-square metre spa, which has a number of saunas, pools and lounging areas, as well as a steam bath, a Turkish bath and a snow grotto. Guests can stroll through the pedicured grounds or choose to take an electric cart to the boathouse offering Californian cuisine and sea views. Cultural events are held in the Reetscheune, a thatched barn where young cattle used to be housed in the 19th century. A total of 62 rooms and suites, offering discreet and understated luxury, are located across the property – in the main house and former dairy farm, the gardener’s house, the dyke cottage and the coach house, where coaches used to be repaired.


Bridging modernity and tradition
The interior design is characterised by a mix of Mediterranean ease and elegant cosiness. The bathrooms also feature this signature look. If the Axor Montreux bathroom collection had not already been available, it would have been newly created for Jan Henric Buettner’s hotel. This collection, developed by Phoenix Design, pays homage to the Belle Époque, the golden age at the turn of the century when Schloss Weissenhaus was rebuilt. Many industrial and technological, as well as modern living and bathroom innovations date back to that epoch. The European upper classes discovered their love of travel, and prominent spas such as Montreux – the eponymous spa of the Axor collection ‒ sprang up across the continent; this was the birth of wellness retreats.


Modern functionality in an elegant guise
The clear geometric shapes and authentic details of Axor Montreux fittings recapture the joie de vivre, luxury and pleasure-loving spirit of those days. Delicate star handles with porcelain inlays and floor-standing bath mixers are characteristic design features of the collection. In line with traditional manufacturing methods, the mixers are not made in one piece, but combine many quality components to create a gesamtkunstwerk. The interior architects of the Weissenhaus Grand Village Resort & Spa decided to use Axor Montreux three-hole mixers for wall mounting which harmonise with the marble-clad washstands. Free-standing bathtubs are equipped with floor-standing Axor Montreux two-handle bath mixers. Spacious bathrooms in the suites feature private saunas and marble bathtubs with three-hole mixers for wall mounting and hand showers. Custom-made items and special sizes made by Axor Manufaktur tailored Montreux bathroom fittings to the special needs of the historical buildings. The customised and richly detailed Axor Montreux fittings make the bathrooms as distinctive as the Grand Village itself.


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Axor Sponsors ‘Don’t Move, Improve! 2016’ NLA Awards Programme

Calling London’s finest new home improvement projects

Axor, the design brand of Hansgrohe SE, is delighted to be sponsoring ‘Don’t Move, Improve’, the annual awards programme from the NLA (New London Architecture) that claims to recognise London’s best designed and most innovative home extension and improvement projects.

Open to architects, designers and homeowners, the competition supports the enlivening and expanding of existing London homes to better suit the owner’s needs, rather than them having to move and upsize. With a focus on one-off, highly individual home extensions, this is an ideal brand fit for Axor, who are renowned for the creation of personalised bathroom solutions with award-winning aesthetics and technology.

The competition is now in its 6th year and will be judged by a jury of esteemed industry experts and journalists.

Jay Phillips, Sales Director – Projects, Hansgrohe comments: “This is a great opportunity for smaller architectural and design practices to shine and also designers working within bathroom retail showrooms. We look forward to celebrating with the short-listed and winning entries and delighted that they will all be on show at an exhibition in The Building Centre WC1 from January to March 2016.”

Some of London’s emerging practices who have been previous winners include Carl Turner Architects, Platform 5 Architects, Studio Octopi and Ben Adams Architects.

Awards Programme Details

The deadline for entries is Friday 6th November (for projects completed since September 2013) and winners will be announced at a Private View and Awards Reception on Thursday 21st January 2016.

The winning practices will receive 12-month membership of the NLA, participation in the competition’s associated events and coverage in Dezeen. The winning homeowners will also be rewarded with Heal’s vouchers. Full details can be found here:

A New London Home for Axor

Axor is currently working on its own new London home which is scheduled to open in early 2016. Branded The Water Studio, the refurbished building at 12-16 Clerkenwell Road will be a specification centre for both Axor and Hansgrohe brands where professionals can meet, plan and develop exciting bathroom solutions for residential and commercial projects.

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Hansgrohe_Nov15_Press Release (NLA Sponsorship) FINAL VERSION

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Hansgrohe Axor One: A New Interactive Shower Control Element Designed by Barber & Osgerby


What if individual control elements could be eliminated to make room for an uncluttered shower experience? Axor has worked on an answer to this question with the London-based design duo Barber & Osgerby. Axor One – the brand’s first all-in-one interactive shower control element – is a masterpiece of intuition, a confident, and yet unobtrusive statement in the shower. Generously proportioned, but fascinatingly clean, it is a focal point for the senses – a haven of tranquility in tomorrow’s shower space. Axor One makes its debut at the London Design Festival on September 22nd.

“With Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby we transformed the idea of a central shower control element into an engaging, purely mechanical interface that refines showering into a tactile, precise and responsive practice”, Philippe Grohe, Head of Axor, explains.


All-in-One: A New Level of Simplicity Thanks to Structured Functionality

“Axor One allows a completely fresh interpretation of water control: by consolidating many individual controls into one simple element, it streamlines both the look and functionality of the bathroom”, according to Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby. The possibility to simultaneously turn multiple water outlets on or off with the back of the hand or the elbow makes Axor One a convenient and engaging shower experience.

Temperature is set by turning the central dial; a small lever directly below regulates water volume, and the Eco Mode reduces water consumption up to 50%. The flow of water is activated and deactivated by tapping of the paddles: clear symbols indicate the specific water outlets the user can choose from (e.g. overhead, hand, or side shower). This unification of water outlet activation, water volume regulation, and temperature control, gives a sleek form to a structured function.

1507_Axor One_Thermostat_BlackonBlack chrome_polished_web

Instinctive and Pared Back Design

With its monolithic but soft form, Axor One creates a new spaciousness in the shower – a pleasant feeling of clarity and tranquility. Plane surfaces, rounded edges, and an integrated mechanical interface, constitute a clearly structured concealed thermostat that eliminates distraction from a soothing shower experience. The refined proportions, sculpted form and accurate detailing make a timeless statement that merges seamlessly with any bathroom environment. With a variety of special finishes, ranging from subdued chrome to a bold red-gold, Axor One becomes as visible as the user would like it to be.

Axor_One_Thermostat_Chrome_web1507_Axor One_Thermostat_Brushed Brass_web

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Hansgrohe_Sep15_Press Release (Axor One)

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Hansgrohe – Refreshingly Responsible Hotel Bathrooms

At Olympia West Hall in London, on 20-21st October, Hansgrohe will exhibit for the second time at the Independent Hotel Show. In answer to the needs of smaller boutique hotels, Hansgrohe will demonstrate how sustainable bathrooms can provide an attractive and refreshing experience for guests while also saving money. Working models of Hansgrohe EcoSmart showers and mixer taps will be on Stand 187 for visitors to see how water and energy can be saved, without any compromise on design or enjoyment.

The global bathroom specialist, based in the German Black Forest, is also renowned for shaping bathroom trends and this will be evident from the latest designs. These incorporate new materials such as white glass, effortless intuitive operation with ‘Select’ push button showers and thermostatic controls, and a new Axor collaboration with star British design duo Barber + Osgerby.

Hansgrohe will also host a seminar on the Innovations Stage on 20th October at 12.45pm with an expert panel to discuss ‘Designing Hotel Environments for the Modern Traveller.”

”This is the ideal show for Hansgrohe” comments Sales Director for Projects, Jay Phillips. “Our product breadth delivers design and sustainability for the widest range of budgets, plus our project expertise helps smaller hotel owners and specifiers with invaluable advice on issues like water regulations and also how to save money in the long-term by using resources more efficiently.”

Picture Overview

Croma Select –


The Croma collection now features Select technology making it easy to switch between spray modes at the intuitive touch of a button. At an outstanding price point, this makes ‘Select’ showering accessible to every hotel guest with choice of hand showers, overheads and showerpipes.


Axor ShowerSelect –

Axor_Shower Select_Soft Edge_2 Functions_White Background_web1

The Axor ShowerSelect thermostats guarantee a user-friendly and comfortable high performance showering experience. Available in three shapes – square, round or Softcube (shown), the thermostats as well as overhead and hand showers are equipped with intuitively elegant ‘Select’ buttons to switch between different showers.

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Hansgrohe_Aug15_Press Release (IHS Preview)REV

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Hansgrohe – Cruising the world’s oceans on the Quantum of the Seas and the MV Saluzi

S697_Quantum of the Seas_23-10-2014_Northsea

A Strong Partner on the High Seas

The cruise industry is the fastest growing segment of the tourist industry and cruise lines are increasingly turning to Hansgrohe to equip their four-star and five-star fleets – a prime example being Royal Caribbean International when it contracted the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg to build its huge ocean liner Quantum of the Seas. Designers of luxury yachts such as the MV Saluzi also equip stateroom baths with Axor and Hansgrohe products. The fact that mixers and showerheads from the Black Forest are in such high demand on the world’s oceans is not just because of their elegant design, functionality and durability; the Schiltach-based company also provides expert advice during planning, and continues to deliver services even after a ship has been launched.

An ocean liner equipped with state-of-the-art technology

Quantum of the Seas is currently the largest and most technologically advanced of the cruise ships built in Germany. Launched in October 2014, the luxury liner is 348 metres long, 41 metres wide and boasts a cruising speed of 22 knots. It features networked computer technology on all decks, satellite internet service, and bars operated by robots – where guests use tablets to order cocktails. On deck, a FlowRider® surf machine invites passengers to surf, while a skydiving simulator provides a safe way of experiencing the thrilling sensation of weightlessness. The Two70° lounge offers 270-degree panoramic sea views and becomes the venue for a colourful show in the evening. The view of an endless expanse of sea from the 90-metre-high North Star observation capsule is even more spectacular. This year, the floating holiday resort, which usually cruises in the Caribbean, is embarking on a world tour from its home port New York, with stops in Barcelona and Dubai on its way to Singapore and Shanghai.

Things look good below deck too

Hansgrohe is at home whenever it comes to water; the passenger staterooms and crew cabins, as well as the Vitality Salon and public restrooms, are equipped with products from the sanitary fixtures manufacturer in the Black Forest. Hansgrohe’s Ecostat Comfort shower thermostat ensures that water temperatures in the shower remain constant and comfortable. The Croma 100 Vario hand shower EcoSmart features a spray disc with four settings and uses up to 60 percent less water than conventional shower heads; it has a flow rate of nine litres per minute, making it particularly efficient. The single-lever washbasin mixers in Hansgrohe’s Metris and Focus ranges have comfortable spout heights and save even more water with flow rates of only five litres per minute. The layout of the stateroom baths called for custom-made solutions. For instance, the pull rod on the Metris washbasin mixer is placed on the left instead of the right to enable ease of use. The water-efficient mixers in public restrooms are equipped with sensor technology, making them convenient and hygienic.

Quantum of the Seas -Interior



Premium service at sea and on land

The passenger capacity of a modern cruise ship equals the accommodation capacity of about twenty hotels. These giant ocean liners sail tens of thousands of nautical miles every year, and enormous strain is put on materials and fittings. Energy efficiency and the durability of mixers and showers are therefore significant cost factors. Cruise lines and shipyards appreciate the quality of Hansgrohe’s products and the services the company provides. Hansgrohe manufactures in Germany and offers optimal support to its clients. Its just-in-time-manufacturing management can be coordinated to meet a client’s construction schedule, as was the case during construction of the Quantum of the Seas at the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg. Custom-made products catering to the needs of international cruise passengers – items such as shower thermostats with Fahrenheit markings – do not pose a problem for Axor Manufaktur in Schiltach. The company keeps a small store of replacement parts available after a ship has entered service, and if maintenance work becomes necessary, a Hansgrohe staff member or partner goes aboard at the ship’s home port.

Axor and Hansgrohe aboard in the Indian Ocean

The MV Saluzi, built in 2003 by Australian shipyard Austal and refitted in 2011 by Taiwanese shipyard Horizon Yacht, guarantees a luxurious yachting holiday. The 69-metre vessel is Asia’s largest charter yacht. Named after the mystical warhorse of Chinese Tang dynasty emperor Taizong, the yacht features staterooms, sun decks, whirlpools, lounge areas, an open-air cinema and many other entertainment and sports facilities across 1,650 square metres. Two master suites and 14 spacious cabins provide accommodation for 32 guests. In the bathrooms, yacht designer Luiz de Basto installed Axor LampShowers, designed by Nendo with ceiling mounts, as overhead showers in combination with the Hansgrohe Croma 100 Ecostat Comfort Combi consisting of a thermostat and a hand shower. The PuraVida single-lever washbasin mixer and accessories such as the Axor Montreux tooth brush holder and soap dish, as well as toilet paper holders and towel holders from the Axor Urquiola collection, are additional bathroom highlights.

MV Saluzi – Interior