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New “c-bonded” technology from Duravit

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Washbasin and bathroom furniture merge to form a single unit.

To meet the highest design requirements in the bathroom, Duravit has developed an innovative method that is truly ground breaking; it involves connecting the ceramic furniture washbasin to the surface of the vanity unit to create a perfect whole. This completely new look produces an exceptionally sleek washing area.

With this new technology, known as “c-bonded”; the furniture washbasin is connected almost seamlessly to the vanity unit in a complex process. Thanks to the accurate and precise-fitting connecting technology, ceramic and furniture merge to form a single unit. The material thickness of the washbasin is hidden from view and reduced to the precise rim that, at the transition between the cool, smooth ceramic and the natural structure of the wood, feels uniquely pleasant to the touch.

The “c-bonded” solution not only looks and feels impressive: DuraCeram®, the patented special ceramic that actually makes this precision and moulding possible, is particularly wear-resistant. The smooth, seamless surfaces of the washbasins are quick and easy to clean and also incorporate generous storage space.

For the first time, Duravit has used c-bonded technology with the Darling New ceramic series and L-Cube furniture.

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Duravit impresses at the iF DESIGN AWARD 2016


Duravit’s outstanding design credentials have been confirmed once again, as four of its products, from among more than 5,000 submissions from 53 countries, received the coveted quality seal. The Cape Cod bathtub, the Stonetto shower tray, the P3 Comforts washbasin and the ME by Starck washbasin were all awarded the iF DESIGN AWARD 2016 in the “Bathroom” category of the “Product” discipline.

Cape Cod bathtub
The no-nonsense bathtub has been designed with relaxation in mind: a gently shaped headrest at one end ensures a particularly serene bathing experience that produces a relaxed feeling of lightness, while the other end provides perfect support when sitting. The tub is made from the new material DuraSolid A, which offers a pleasantly warm ‘feel’ and high-quality matt appearance.


The Stonetto shower tray has soft, natural looking curves but with a very hard surface and density. It is made of DuraSolid Q, a material that looks and feels like stone with a non-slip surface that makes it ideal for safe showering.


P3 Comforts furniture washbasin
With P3 Comforts, Duravit and Phoenix Design have implemented a modern concept of comfort. The raised tap platform on the washbasin – visually separated from the wet area – serves as a generous shelf surface for bathroom essentials. The broad basin appears almost rimless, while the volume of its interior has been maximised to provide greater freedom of movement. The asymmetric washbasin offers additional storage space to the left or right of the basin.


ME by Starck washbasin
With his new ME by Starck range for Duravit, the French creative has succeeded in designing a collection that satisfies the desire for pure aesthetics. A slender rim serves as the recurring design element. The delicate edge gives the washbasins a light, almost rimless appearance, while their inner basins are conveniently deep. In addition to concentrating on the design, the focus is on a timeless form and sustainable technology.


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For more than 60 years, the iF DESIGN AWARD has been a recognised trademark for outstanding design and is one of the most prestigious design awards in the world.

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Duravit’s new magazine “Badmagazin” – innovative ideas for living in bathrooms


Inspiration and emotion wrapped in informative stories – the new “Badmagazin” not only appeals to homeowners or those who intend to renovate their bathroom, but to those who enjoy excellent design, interesting space solutions, exciting content and high quality imagery.

Duravit is characterized by an innovative spirit and the ambition to reinvent itself again and again. This guiding principle is all-embracing, from product development to communication. The company presents a newly designed “Badmagazin” after about a year of development on various communication channels and sets new standards in the sanitation sector. This magazine is a trend-setter that authentically talks about living in bathrooms and shows all facets of Duravit’s world of bathrooms.

With a number of highly acclaimed international designers, Duravit has developed a new and highly emotional magazine design. Exciting stories followed by an entirely new presentation of the product range proves it is much more than a catalogue.

With more than 300-pages, “Badmagazin” creates a clever symbiosis of design, inspiration and technology and offers a number of reference points that reach far beyond the subject of mere bathrooms. The results are inspiring ideas and background stories that offer added value for all design enthusiasts, complemented by timeless bathroom designs.

Whether it is distinctively masculine, at breathtaking locations, technically innovative or simply “what is good for us” – the new “Badmagazin” is wellness for body and mind. Always surprising and fresh, always different from what is expected and always profoundly told.

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Order the print version of “Badmagazin” at and we will mail it to you free of charge. You can also find this magazine at selected specialist retailers.

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Duravit UK signs-up to EQ Software

With effect from 1st July, the Duravit catalogue containing complete collections of living bathrooms will be available in a digital format via EQ Software.

With over 6,000 users worldwide, EQ Software now features the largest selection of product brochures for the kbb industry making them a popular choice for UK bathroom retailers.

UK Managing Director, Martin Carroll, comments, “A very high number of bathroom retailers are now using EQ Software and the links it provides to visualisation systems like Compusoft and Virtual World. We are delighted to be associated with EQ Software so that Duravit product information is even more accessible to our customers.”

Recommended by the BMA and the KBSA, EQ Software provides tools for retailers to manage their business including training, bespoke software and links to the leading design and accounting packages.

Duravit_Martin Carroll_web
Martin Carroll, UK Managing Director


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Duravit P3 Comforts – perfect comfort that is perfectly cool


With the P3 Comforts complete bathroom range, Duravit and Phoenix Design have created a modern concept of comfort for a young, sporty target group without compromising on design.

Tom Schönherr, co-founder of the design studio Phoenix Design: “When it comes to comfort, people’s needs go far beyond the purely physical aspects. With sensuous and practical design, it is possible to create a sense of calm and security in the intimacy of the bathroom.” For P3 Comforts, simple geometric forms have been modified to render them aesthetically calming, so it should be no surprise that the range blends naturally into our living environment.

The details are impressive: the raised tap platform on the washbasin – visually separated from the wet area yet still part of the harmonious whole – serves as a generous shelf surface for bathroom essentials. The broad basin appears almost rimless, while the volume of its interior has been maximised to provide greater freedom of movement. The clear-cut design ensures there are no unwelcome light reflections. Another practical feature is the pronounced depth of the basin, which optimises draining and facilitates cleaning. The asymmetric washbasin also offers additional storage space on the left or right of the basin, adding an interesting creative touch.


The design of the toilet and bidet blends in seamlessly with the style of the washbasins. Additional width makes sitting noticeably more comfortable. The set-back area of the bidet offers plenty of room for the tap fittings while also serving as shelf space. A number of the toilet models are rimless, with an open design of the flushing rim, which makes cleaning easier. In addition, wall-mounted and floor-standing toilets can also be combined with the especially flat SensoWash Slim shower-toilet seat.


The rimless look and large radii at the front also maximise the inner volume of the bathtub. The wide, clearly defined bathtub rim offers space for tap fittings and bathing essentials. The optional neck rest lives up to the range’s name, cushioning the neck whilst also supporting the bather’s head. It is also possible to equip the bathtub with a whirl system, such as the new Combi-L featuring swivel massage jets that deliver stimulation and relaxation in equal measure.


The special shower trays blend in beautifully with the overarching design of the P3 Comforts range. The easy-clean outlet has been perfectly integrated into the raised platform, emphasising the clear lines. In combination with the Open Space B shower enclosure it creates the ideal shower area. The shower trays can be installed flush with the floor, semi-recessed or on the floor tiles with or without a support frame. The design was created with the new DuraSolid A material, which offers class B slip-resistance without additional coating. This provides a high level of safety and is one of the requirements for public shower areas and pool edges. The shower stool that is available as an accessory is quite versatile, serving as a design object, seat and shelf space that offers comfort and safety while opening up an entirely new experience: showering while seated.


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Duravit Cape Cod brings a touch of nature into the bathroom


Cape Cod located in New England on the east coast of the USA possesses a memorable flair. This region famed for its long sandy beaches, crystal clear water and untamed nature was the inspiration for Philippe Starck.

With his new Cape Cod bathroom range, the French designer has reinvented the bathroom, removing the barriers between nature and the indoors. Nature becomes a permanent part of the bathroom, a place for rejuvenation and refreshment with aesthetically appealing materials and forms. Ceramic wash bowls with distinctively thin edges and perfectly coordinated bathtubs and furniture can be combined or used individually within the room and positioned as desired. Duravit’s Cape Cod is captivating not only because of its unique design, but first and foremost because of its authentic materials, solid real wood and an innovative ceramic formula that allows for especially thin and delicate wash bowls.

Gently curved shapes form the foundation of the Cape Cod range. The exclusive basins are produced from a specially developed high strength ceramic mass with an elegant finish (DuraCeram). This material makes it possible to create countertop basins with a rim thickness of only five millimetres; it is extremely easy to care for, amazingly robust and impact-resistant. In order to allow scope for individual bathroom design, the wash bowls are available in three different shapes: round, square and tri-oval.

Round Cape Cod Wash Basin made from DuraCeram
Round Cape Cod Wash Bowl made from DuraCeram

The consoles with shelves boast a timelessly modern design and meet the very highest demands, making clever use of the contrast between the floor-standing frame in cool, smooth chrome and four exclusive wood finishes: Vintage Oak, American Walnut, European Oak and White Beech. The Vintage Oak version appeals thanks to its solid quality and distinctive look, which features a visible irregular edge that makes each item of furniture unique. It is reminiscent of a ship’s plank that has been weathered by storms and washed ashore on the beach.

Cape Cod Floor Standing Unit shown in Vintage Oak


An elegant alternative to the wood finishes is a High-gloss White version, which is also available with doors and open shelves at the sides.



The minimalist rectangular mirror (1106 x 766 mm) can be combined with LED illumination to create a harmoniously coordinated washing area.

Cape Cod also offers no-nonsense bathtubs that have been designed with relaxation in mind: a gently shaped headrest provides a bathing experience that is particularly serene and produces a feeling of lightness. The bathtub has a strong sculptural design and is produced from the new material DuraSolid A, which offers a pleasantly warm feel and high quality matt appearance. The bathtub is available as a free-standing model and a back-to-wall and corner version for left or right.

As an optional extra, the bathtub can be equipped with a discreetly integrated air whirl system and/or an integrated sound system which can be operated using any Bluetooth-compatible device.

In order to create a uniform and harmonious look, Cape Cod can be combined with selected toilets and bidets from the Starck 1, Starck 2 and ME by Starck ranges.

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Duravit joins European Water Label

Initiative identifies sustainable bathroom products

The need to be more aware of water and energy consumption has increased considerably in recent years as consumers have more understanding for a sustainable approach to natural resources. As a core sector with regards to water, the bathroom industry has recognised this awareness through the establishment of the European Water Label (EWL) to ensure transparency in the water consumption of bathroom products. Duravit welcomes this step and, with immediate effect, has joined seventy-five other major brands in the initiative. The system will offer consumers a guide to the water consumption of their bathroom and kitchen products, in this way not only influencing the purchasing decision but also encouraging the efficient use of water.

The European Water Label is a voluntary classification scheme for twelve bathroom product groups. It consists of an online database and product labels offering a clear and uniform indication of the flow rate and volume of water used by bathroom and kitchen products, in a very similar way to those used on white goods such as fridges, washing machines and dishwashers.   This is particularly welcome for Duravit: the company’s WCs are in the green area of the EWL scale due to their low water consumption (< 3.5 litres).


“The company’s history has been influenced for decades by an awareness of sustainable thinking and action. We welcome the European Water Label, as its uniform scale makes the low water consumption of our products visible to a wider public, and we go a step further thanks to the ongoing investments in research and development, we focus on an efficient use of resources in the design and manufacture of our products,” explains Frank Richter, CEO Duravit.

Duravit_DuraStyle_WC_web Duravit_HappyD2_SensoWash_web

Caption: Duravit toilets are in the green area of the EWL scale due to their low water consumption (< 3.5 litres).
(Left: DuraStyle wall-mounted toilet. Right: Happy D.2. with SensoWash)

Further information about the European Water Label

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DV_May15_Consumer Press Release (Water Label)